Crazy-Creations-Ceramic-Painting-Northumberland-7Crazy Creations

If Horse Riding seems too strenuous for your relaxing holiday why not come along and paint your won ceramics whihc are then fired onsite!

A Magical place where a little paint and a piece of pottery turn into a treasured momento.

How it All Works

At Crazy Creations we have a variety of art projects that are sure to spark your inner creativity. We provide paints, brushes, and helpful assistance, so all you have to do is pick your pottery, pick your paint colours and get painting. No experience, appointments or classes necessary – Just walk right in! Refreshments are avialable all day.


Our pricing is simple most items range from £8 – £20. The price of your pottery includes studio time, paints, use of brushes, glazing and firing and staff assistance. You are welcome to create for as long as you want.

  • Paints and Glazes are non-toxic
  • Paints wash out of clothing with ease
  • Finished pieces are food safe!

When your design is complete, our friendly staff will take care of getting your piece fiered. Next day your piece of art will be ready to pick up. We are located right next to the Haggerston Riding Centre